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Hacker at work

Don’t set it and forget it

You may think that once your website is up and running that you can just leave it there for years. Nothing can happen to it, right? Who would want to mess with it anyway?

Unfortunately, within days of launching your website the malicious bots will be at work, trying to find vulnerabilities so that they can take advantage of your site to spread their own malware, increase search engine results for themselves, inject code into servers, send malicious emails and more.

That’s why every one of the sites that I design for my clients starts with security in mind. Only the most current versions of software are used on the most secure server that the client can afford. Then I install firewalls and anti-spam filters, initiate regular backups, and monitor the site 24/7 for available software updates, downtime, malicious files and intrusions. My response is immediate if anything is detected.

As the client, you can do your part by using unique passwords to log in to your site (and every other site you use), learning how to keep your email safe from phishing attempts, and running anti-virus programs on your computers and devices.

Together we can keep your website safe and updated so that the hackers look for someone else to pick on.

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