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What is WordPress?

I’ve touted the benefits of content management systems and mentioned that I am a WordPress specialist. So what is WordPress, and why would you want to use it for your website? WordPress is appropriate for anything but the most basic website. It is free, and allows you immediately change the look of your entire website by simply changing the template. It manages your web pages neatly, and allows you to edit the page content easily. This website is based on WordPress. You can write a blog (like I am here) to communicate better with your clients/customers. And they can reply back if they choose. WordPress provides excellent blog post management tools, along with spam filtering and other helpful plug-ins. No special tools or software are required to use WordPress, just a web browser and an internet connection. Multiple users can be assigned with varying permissions so that you and your staff can maintain the site without my help (if you want). WordPress is free and is maintained and tested religiously by a cadre of developers from around the world. When we have our initial meeting I will assess your web needs and make a recommendation to you. If I recommend WordPress I will find what I think are good template candidates and help you choose which one to use. I will install the software on the server and plug in the initial content for you. After that I can continue to maintain the site for you, or you can take over. To found out more about WordPress go to